Introducing the Kar-Ham – a range of pillows made of 100% cotton and filled with both premium wheat grains or flaxseed and lavender, known for their medical and aromatherapy properties.
The pillow is easy to use. When heated in a microwave for 2-3 minutes, the wheat grains retain heat, while the lavender releases a pleasant and soothing fragrance. Place the warm pillow on your body and relax.
The pillows are excellent for a wide range of daily uses and for therapeutic purposes such as: warming the body and/or one's bed, soothing stress and pressures, relieving stiff necks, strained muscles, backache, migraines and painful joints, lowering fever, and more.
Kar-Ham is highly recommended by orthopedics, physiotherapists, alternative therapists and of course, by thousands of our customers.
About us
Kar-Ham is a brand name for a family business that specializes in the manufacture of microwave-heated pillows. Established in 1995, the company has accumulated extensive experience in the field. Every model that is produced and every pillow that is marketed is made of superior raw materials and produced with meticulous quality control. Every pillow is gift-wrapped with love and affection, for your health and pleasure.
How to use Kar-Ham
The pillows can be heated in a microwave or cooled in a freezer, so you enjoy both heat and cold therapy in one product. As a rule, the pillow should be wrapped in a plastic bag and stored in the freezer. This storage method has two major advantages:
The pillow is preserved for years of use
The pillow is ready for immediate use in cold therapy to relieve migraines, to use as a cold compress or to lower fever.
For heat therapy, heat the pillow in a microwave for 2-3 minutes and place on the body, to prepare for physiotherapy and/or to relieve stiff muscles, or simply for relaxation and comfort. The pillow retains heat for about 30 minutes, and can be reheated again and again.
The uniqueness of the pillow in general, and particularly its unique therapeutic benefits, is expressed in its outstanding advantages.
Conformity: conforms perfectly to the shape of your body.
Dual purpose: facilitates both heat and cold therapy.
Simplicity: easy to use and store.
Convenience: hands-free use for uninterrupted activity.
Economical: long term use due to low wear and tear.
User-friendly: pleasant to the touch, fragrant and soothing.
Availability: can be used wherever there is a microwave.
Product line
Kar-Ham offers a wide range of pillows for diverse uses. This allows optimal adaptation of the right pillow to every type of therapy or use, with maximum effectiveness and pleasure for the user. The Kar-Ham brand is made up of two product lines: therapeutic pillows and comfort pillows.
Therapeutic Pillows Uses
For relief from back, neck and shoulder pains, strained muscles, arthritis, migraines, sinusitis, headaches as well as to lower fever, for use after hand surgery and more
The therapeutic pillow was developed in collaboration with senior medical professionals, including heads of rehabilitation wards in prominent international medical centers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and alternative therapists.

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